Stay in control of hybrid work organization


Whether you want to implement your telecommuting agreements or set up recurring on-site presence rituals among your teams, we enable you to create presence rules.

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How do the attendance rules work?

Create presence rules

  • Choose a minimum, maximum or exact number of days in the office, or teleworking.
  • Choose a frequency (weekly, monthly, yearly...)
  • Define presence on specific days of the week
  • Inherit rules from parent teams
  • Add exceptions to attendance rules
Visuel règles de présence avec Oneflex
Gestion de la présence au bureau avec Oneflex

Keeping to the rules

  • Visualization of your rules under your schedule
  • Visual alerts in the event of rule non-compliance
  • Counters updated as schedule is filled in

Monitoring compliance by your managers or HR staff

  • Dashboards to track who is and who isn't complying with attendance rules
  • Visual alerts when rules are broken
  • Statistical reports to analyze trends
  • Data export in Excel format
Règles de présence par équipe avec Oneflex

Start controlling your attendance rules today