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Caisse des Dépôts Groupe
Crédit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank
Havas Groupe

Meet the challenges of hybrid working

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Efficient management

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How can you avoid a heavy workload for HR and managers?

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Preserve cohesion

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How do you ensure that employees stay connected?

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Manage spaces

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How can you maximize the use of your workspaces?

Simply switch to Flex office

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by developing what's important to you
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Control with your eyes closed

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Easily set up and control declarations and presence in your employees' offices

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Develop collaboration

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Allocate dedicated spaces to each team and encourage collaboration by defining rotation rules.

Optimize your space

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Analyze actual occupancy rates and anticipate your real estate needs.

They've switched to Flex

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Stéphane Gannac, La Mutuelle Générale
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Stéphane GANNAC
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DGA, La Mutuelle Générale
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Oneflex has enabled us to anticipate employee presence on site up to a fortnight in advance.

In thirty years of working in human resources, this is the first time I've used such a fluid and intuitive tool, which works first time!

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Stéphanie FERRIER
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Stéphanie FERRIER
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Real Estate Director, Vivendi
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Oneflex enables us both to offer our subsidiaries' talent the flexibility they expect, and to optimize our real estate footprint through the implementation of flex office.

It's simple, fast and efficient!

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Arthur Latournerie
Nom client 3
Arthur Latournerie
Informations client 3
Lead Real Estate, ManoMano
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We were won over by the optimal user experience and the flexibility offered in setting up the premises!

A simple, fast interface.

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Quick and easy to install Get started in just a few days and try it for free
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With your image Oneflex is 100% customizable: your logo, your name, your access URL
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Web and mobile accessibility SaaS solution accessible and ergonomic on all media (computer, mobile, tablet)
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Connected to your information system Easy integration into your IT ecosystem: collaborative tools (Slack, Teams, Outlook), HR and ERP solutions, authentication

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