Organize your week in 5 clicks


With Oneflex, managing your hybrid work schedule has never been easier. Whether you're in the office or telecommuting, plan your week in just a few clicks. You can also add a favorite office or space to get even faster.

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How does our hybrid work management solution work?

Setting up your spaces

  • Creation of a dynamic floor plan
  • Team priority and exclusivity rules
  • Schedule shifts between your teams
  • Allocation of office space to certain employees
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Planning and reserving your office space

  • Recurring or periodic reservations
  • Favorite location for 1-click office reservations
  • Possibility of allocating spaces, which become available when the person does not come to the office
  • Privatize an entire space
  • Reservations for internal or external guests
  • Modify your reservation from your telephone

Analyze and optimize your space activity

  • Real-time view of all available office space
  • Detailed dashboards on the occupancy history of your different spaces
  • Track your employees' habits to anticipate their needs
  • Excel exports of all your data
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Adopt the flex office and organize your week with ease