Manage parking lots and workspaces in a single tool


By combining parking management with hybrid working, we optimize the use of your resources and improve the comfort of your employees. No more stress about finding a parking space, more flexibility to work wherever you want.

Gestion des parkings Oneflex

How does our parking management solution work?

Setting up your parking lots

  • Create a dynamic map of your parking lots
  • Employee priority and exclusivity rules
  • Allocate a parking space to certain employees
Visuel démo focus Parking avec Oneflex
Gestion des places de Parking avec Oneflex

Reserving and releasing your parking space

  • Reservation of parking spaces at the same time as an office
  • Release of allocated spaces in the event of absences
  • Dedicated, intuitive interface on the telephone
  • Release your parking space in 1 click when you leave it
  • Confidentiality of reservations for security

Analyze and optimize your parking lot activity

  • Real-time view of all available spaces
  • Detailed dashboards on the occupancy history of your various parking spaces
  • Track your employees' habits to anticipate their needs
  • Excel exports of all your data
Gestion des parkings au bureau

Start optimizing your parking management with our reservation system